34 Stay At Home Date Night Ideas

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Let’s be honest. Having triplets and a 3yo makes it a little difficult to get out for a regular date night out of the house. We try to do things every once in a while but it’s sometimes easier to just sit at home and binge watch on Netflix. While that’s not the worst thing to do, it can be if you never do anything different. That’s why we need all the stay at home date night ideas we can get!

The great thing about these is you don’t have to wait for a once a week date night to come around. Once the kiddos are in bed, you can try out some of these any night of the week!

34 Stay At Home Date Night Ideas For Couples

Camp out in the living room

Build a fort or set up a tent if you have enough room. Get out the camp chairs and have a fun night “camping out”. You can roast marshmallows on the stove and tell stories around your campfire.

Board games

Some of the best times and memories can come from playing games, especially ones where you have to use certain skills. You can even change some of the rules or make bets with each other which can add a fun twist to it.

Plan your next vacation

Maybe you’ve been talking about going somewhere for a while or haven’t taken a vacation. Start planning one together and get a date scheduled so you actually take it!

Video games

Pull out the old gaming system and have a night filled with battling each other in various games. Our favorite is Xbox Kinect Sports. We like to battle in the mini games.

Theme night

Do everything according to the theme you choose. Choose a decade, a country, or a favorite place and base it on that. For example, if you choose Italian, you can have fettucine alfredo and gelato and then watch a movie like The Italian Job.

Dress up fancy

Pull out the fanciest clothes you own (if you can fit into your tux or prom dress, way to go!) and have dinner or dessert together. Add some dancing in there and you can make your own adult prom!

Karaoke or Dance Party

Pull up some of your favorite songs and let loose. You can sing along with the lyrics or just show off some of your dance moves. And the best part is that you don’t have to feel self-conscious because it’s just the two of you!

Video tape your story

Whether you want to talk about how you met, your dating days or how things have changed since, your kids will love seeing this video later on and it’s like writing in a journal or doing some family history in a new, fun way.

Would You Rather…?

You might think you know a lot about your spouse but it’s the small decisions that could help you get to know him/her better. Would you rather have unlimited sushi for life or unlimited tacos for life? These are the burning questions you have to know!


Get some oils and help rub out some of the knots your kids give you! Turn on some soothing music and enjoy a cheaper version of a night at the spa.

Candlelit dinner

Make dinner together and enjoy it by candlelight. Keep the cell phones turned off or in another room so you can enjoy the time together talking about your life.

Movie marathon

With trilogies being the thing now, choose your favorite and get to watching. Pop some popcorn, bring out the candy and Kool-Aid and snuggle up to enjoy the show(s).

Tasting night

Decide on a food you want to do a tasting of and get several brands of it to try out. The options are endless! Root beer, ice cream, chips, cheese. See which ones you like and which ones you don’t. You can also see if the generic brands live up to the name brand taste.

Blind taste test

Do the above but make it so you don’t know which is which until after you’ve made your decision. Either have someone prepare the samples for you or put a sticky note on the bottom of the samples and then mix them up so you don’t have a bias.

Create a playlist

Whether it’s on Itunes, Amazon Music or Pandora, make a playlist with songs for different events. If it reminds you of your spouse or times you’ve had together. Make one to get you pumped up about working out, cleaning, etc. Listen to the lyrics and find a way to apply them to your life.

Chopped Challenge

Have someone fill a bag with ingredients you don’t know about and then create something together. To make it even harder, give yourself a time limit.

Read a book

Find a book and read together. Whether it’s a parenting or marriage book or a great work of fiction, find something you can get excited about reading together. Relaxing on the bed and reading out loud can be a fun way to hang out and the best part is you can talk about the book as you go along.

Hobby Time

Try out your spouse’s favorite hobby or look up some how-to videos online for a hobby you’ve always wanted to try and give it a whirl.

Learn to dance

Look up different dances on Youtube and learn them together. Have fun with it and be patient with each other. You might not get it right away but it’s the time together and the closeness that is what the date is all about!

Enjoy a fancy dessert from a local bakery

Find a bakery and try their most popular pastry or dessert. Get a few and share.

Getting to know you game

There are a lot of variations on this but you can play it however. Use the list here to get you started and you can take a bunch of pictures of the things your spouse likes or make it a fun quiz and then enjoy some of those things you love.

Bubble bath

Pick up some bubbles while your at the store, light some candles in the bathroom and relax together.

Star gazing

Read a book or look up some constellations online and then spend the night outside looking for them. Put a blanket on the grass and cuddle up as you point them out.


If it’s nice weather out, set up a night time picnic in the backyard. You can spend the time talking or looking up funny videos. If it’s not so nice outside, spread out a blanket in the front room.

Ginormous ice cream sundae

Get all the fixings while at the store earlier and then make the biggest ice cream sundae you can think of, topped with anything you both want. If you have differing tastes, you can each take a side but you have to taste each other’s favorites!

Recreate a scene from a movie

It doesn’t have to be a romantic movie, but it’s fun to dress up and pretend you’re acting. The Notebook, How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days, Hitch, are a few of the romantic ones. Maybe you’re fans of Harry Potter or The Lord of the Rings. Dress up as some of the characters and be a part of any scene you want.

Write your bucket lists

Sometimes we don’t realize we want to do something until we have to come up with a list. Write down the things you want to do personally and as a couple and make plans to start on the list.

Create a photo book

Going through photos from the beginning of your relationship and beyond can be fun to remember. Organize and add them to a book on Shutterfly and order it. That way you can remember those memories AND get one of those things done on the to-do list!

Take a Virtual tour

Look up virtual tours on the internet and check out some of the diverse places and homes out there. You can look up houses, mansions, and even castles all from the comfort of your own home!

Look into family history stories

It’s always fun to find out where you come from. Find an ancestor and look up stories about him/her. Or you can go to Relative Finder and see what famous people you’re related to!

Documentary on Netflix

There are so many great options for documentaries so find one that you’ve always wondered about and watch it together. We weren’t super excited about them at first but it’s amazing what people go through. Walt Before Mickey was powerful and it was amazing to see what Disney went through before all of the success.

Fun exercise

Try out a new type of exercise. Again, the value of the internet is awesome and you can play any type. If you have Chromecast or FireTV, you can play it to your TV and not have to hunch over to the computer to see what moves they are doing!

Design your future home

Use Pinterest to get ideas for a future home, even if it will be a few years before you can build, buy or design one. Talk about things you like, things you don’t want. Look at the awesome ideas other people have used so you can get your mind going.

Create a dream board

Get magazines together or print pictures off the internet of things you want in your future. It’s a great way to hear each other’s expectations and goals about where you are going in your relationship. Then place the board where you can see it often as inspiration and a drive to get you where you want to be.

We hope you find some great ideas here and remember there’s no shame in combining a few of this romantic stay at home date night ideas for any day.


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