Are There Really 3 Babies In There?

Are There Really 3 Babies In There? l The Princess & Her Cowboys

They told me to prepare for the craziness to hit after the triplets were born. I didn’t believe it. I knew things would be a little crazy with feedings and lack of sleep and just juggling three babies but I was not prepared for the outside world!

If I had $1 for every time someone asked me a random (ahem, dumb) question, I wouldn’t be a millionaire…yet. But we’re only a few months in so one could hope.

Are There Really 3 Babies In There? l The Princess & Her Cowboys

We have a ridiculous stroller. We call it the limo. It’s a nice long frame that the car seats snap into. Thank goodness for whoever invented it because I can actually leave the house! Granted, most people have never seen a triplet stroller and to be honest, I hadn’t either before I went scouring the resale groups for one.

One day, Max and I loaded up the kids to head to Walmart in the next town over. Going anywhere is no small feat. You load each one up in their car seat, cover them with a blanket and pray that they don’t start to cry. I have to pack the backpack with 1,000 diapers and formula and extra clothes.

Car seats go outside and click into the stroller so we can make it around to the van. There is a strategy for loading said stroller, meaning we have to put the first baby in the middle section so it doesn’t become a seesaw and shoot him/her to the moon. Miss Feisty Pants usually occupies the front spot, because she’s the lightest.

We get to the van and pull the middle seat all the way forward, sliding her to the back seat, next to the 3yo. Since she is addicted to her binky, big brother is usually a great helper since I’m all the way at the front. The middle row slides back and the boys get clicked into their bases.

We then wait for about five minutes as the 3yo insists he can put his seat belt on himself, finally giving in and letting me click it all together. Sometimes I fold up the stroller first to give him a head start and let my patience chill out a bit.

And then begins the trek, it’s fifteen minutes to one of the towns near us. We pull into a parking spot and that fun little routine from earlier? Yep, that happens in reverse. If I don’t have ripped arms by the end of the first year, it will probably never happen.

We have everyone loaded up, the 3yo holding onto a bar of the stroller and walk in. We get stares and whispers of, “Wow! That’s a lot of work!” Then we enter the wild world of shopping and begin to get the items we need.

One fine day, we were looking at shoes or something in the back, when a lady walked up to us and asked, “Are there really three babies in there?”

I get it. You haven’t seen a limo like this before. You’re curious. But if you think about that question for just a little bit, you can understand why it takes effort for me not to roll my eyes.

We usually nod with a half-smile. But what’s going through my mind is this:

“Nope, we just like to take extra time to load up three carseats onto a stroller that can’t do a U-turn in the middle of an aisle and be stopped a dozen times each trip. Because I like living on the edge of whether or not we’ll make it through a shopping trip before one of the babies explodes or we pass feeding time.”

I know. That’s why I don’t say it.

My next favorite question is, “So you’re done, right?”

“Well, hello stranger. It was nice to meet you all of 30 seconds ago and now we’re talking about my procreating skills? Awesome!”

We have four little ones and while things are crazy right now, I’m probably not done having kids. But that’s one of those great decisions I can make with Max and God.

So now that I’ve given you my sour grapes answers to two questions we get a lot, how about some of the better questions/comments?

“That is so awesome!”

“It might be hard now but it will be a lot of fun when they get older!” My thoughts exactly!

“My cousin’s brother’s wife had twins/triplets…”

“How many hours of sleep are you getting?” Because I have an excuse for the awesome bags under my eyes.

All in all, life with triplets and a 3yo is a trip. A fun, exhausting trip most days. The kind you can get pumped up for each day because adventures always follow when you’re outnumbered 4 to 1!

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