Mother’s Day Date & Gift Ideas

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Mother’s day is coming soon and sometimes it’s hard to think of what to get the great moms in your life but what’s better than a Mother’s Day Date?

You’ve probably given gifts that have been very useful and ones that have sat on her shelf for a number of years. One way to avoid the clutter and to make your mom happy is to plan some quality time with her. That’s why we’ve got some great ideas to get you started on gifting experiences instead of things.

Spa day

Whether it’s as simple as getting a pedicure (one of my favorites) or goes as in depth as an all-out massage, facial, etc. It’s nice to pamper your mom and get a little pampering in the process! There are plenty of opportunities to chat and enjoy the time together as well.


Get a makeover from the beauty area at the mall or look up some tutorials on the newest trends in makeup. You can learn new techniques and while some of it might not suit your everyday look, you learn how to incorporate it into your style. Plus, it will be a ton of fun and you’ll probably laugh a lot along the way.


This is a no-brainer for most women but is still a lot of fun. Whether you’re window shopping at the mall or perusing your local yard sale, make a day out of it and talk and laugh.

Go into a store you’ve always liked but never really bought from. Try on clothes or imagine out loud what decor pieces would go with the colors in your home.

Craft day

Plan a day when you can work on a project together or just bring some you’ve been meaning to finish for a while. Maybe you found something at the yard sale you want to fix up.

Pick a project you want to do together, such as a decoration or wreath for the upcoming season or for a certain part of the house. You can coordinate the supplies needed and bring them to the get together, making the craft less expensive.

Have fun with it!


Depending on the type of theater your mother likes, you can most likely find a variety to suit her tastes. Musicals in high schools and at normal theaters or even her favorite band can be a fun day out, even if it doesn’t fall on Mother’s Day. The ballet, symphony, a jazz club. The options are endless you just have to search them out.


If your mother has always wanted to do something but hasn’t had the time or it’s been too expensive, check out Groupon. Chances are you can find something that can cross that off the bucket list or find something even better you can do together.

The benefits of Groupon are endless, letting you try out a new restaurant together or even venture to a new museum or place in her city.

Exercise class or Fun Run

If your mother is up to it, try out the newest exercise class or take a yoga class. You can sign up for one of the many fun runs out there, whether you want to trample through the mud or venture through an obstacle course, it can be a fun memory that you did together.

Maybe you’re not the most coordinated person but try anyway. You might not have the hips to make a proficient zumba dancer but it can bring a lot of laughs and burn some calories at the same time.

Cooking class, craft class, etc.

Sign up for a local class on something you and your mother would be interested in trying. Whether it’s how to frost and decorate a cake or how to organize your closets, learning will be beneficial for both of you. Plus it’s something to look forward to and your newly-found talent will benefit your own homes.

Never Have I Ever

Spend the day doing things you’ve never done. Try out a Thai food place for lunch, dance in the rain, check out that antique store you’ve passed daily for months. When we don’t plan to stop, we don’t usually get that chance so having the day cleared and the options open, you can take advantage of it and add a few more memories.

Mini Roadtrip

Even if you just drive a couple of hours away from home, take the opportunity to hit the hotspots along the way. Enjoy the fresh berries off the side of the road, indulge in the famous ice cream or the amazing handicraft of local artists.

The best thing about the car ride is talking and reminiscing and laughing and crying together.

Dress up day out

Pick your favorite time period and dress up for a day out. Do one or more of the activities above but do your best to get into character. Maybe it’s just dressing up in clothes from her youth or a time when she would have liked to live. You will probably get some funny looks but it’s like Halloween, it’s fun to dress up as someone else for a day.

Movie marathon

If you don’t get a chance to watch a lot of mushy chick-flicks, spend a day watching a bunch of them. Pop some popcorn, pull out the snacks and let the giddiness and giggles out as you watch the slight touch of Mr. Darcy or the guy finally getting the girl.

Learn something new

Whether it’s a class like above or something you study from online videos like Youtube, learn something new together. Maybe your mother has a talent you have always wanted to learn or vice versa. Spend the day teaching one another and practicing to make it better.

Sometimes the activities and experiences make Mother’s Day special, even more so than an expensive gift. We hope this helps you get planning!

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