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So I promise that not every post from now on will be about books. But a project I have been working on for the past few months is finally finished in book form! The Motherhood Trek is a compilation of stories about motherhood from women in all walks of life and they are inspiring!

As I’ve been on social media and reading articles and posts the past few months, I’ve noticed a great divide in the motherhood world. There are the women who don’t breastfeed and the ones who do, the ones that feed their kids organic food only and the ones that are grateful for the food they have. It’s like whatever side you’re on, the other view is completely wrong and, “How could they live like that?”

Well, motherhood is no picnic and we all have trying days. Maybe your child found the permanent marker or your baby won’t stop screaming. Sometimes you might feel a little down or bored. Other times you want to get your kids in bed at 5 pm because you’re sick of the whining.

But there are the wonderful days, the ones where you feel like you can conquer the world as a mother. You feel like you are doing this thing and you’re doing it well.

Maybe a little tip or piece of advice from a veteran momma totally worked with your kids. And how awesome would that be?

And that’s why I picked this project. To make it so mothers from all walks of life can see that through the good, bad and ugly, motherhood is something to be encouraged, to be praised and to lift up when a woman is down.

Sixteen ladies (and myself) contributed their story about motherhood. The only thing I asked them to do was to tell their story, whatever that story was. And I wanted to run up and give them each a hug when I received that story as they are good women, doing the very best they can to be mothers and raise their children right.

There are women who have struggled to get pregnant, some dealing/dealt with postpartum depression, adoption, NICU time. They are like you and me, just trying to make life the best it can be for ourselves and our family.

Women need women to help them, especially through all of the questions and phases of motherhood. We hope you can connect with at least one or more of these moms and know you’re not alone out there, that although stories may not be exactly the same, we can empathize and inspire one another.

We hope you enjoy it and as always, make sure to leave a review on Amazon once you’ve read it so others can see it!

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