Marriage Isn’t a Hallmark Movie

Britney and I first met when we were in high school she was the nerdy senior and I was the studly sophomore. In reality, I knew her as the girl who played softball with my older sister, the pitcher who couldn’t throw to first base. Britney knew me as Jamie’s little brother. Fast forward 6 years later and we were going on our first date and, of course, Britney said it was love at first date but it took a little bit of convincing for me. Well, actually, it was the other way around but after many dates and long late night talks, we finally got married and we lived happily ever after. Right?

The Hallmark View of Marriage

Before I got married, I never understood how marriage would be. I had great examples from my parents and sisters but all I saw was the happily ever after part. I never saw the work that went into the fairy tale marriage. Just like all the Hallmark movies my sisters made we watch, they made it seem like marriage was kinda of hard but in the end everybody lived happily ever after. So after we got married, I felt like, “Ok, now what?”

I’ll be the first one to tell you that if you truly want to live, if you really want to find key to happiness, marry your best friend. Just like you would take your best friend on an awesome rollercoaster ride, that’s how I feel marriage is. It’s a ride of ups and downs with so many emotions. But it’s that ride that makes life awesome and there is a happy ever after but it depends on your attitude and how you look at things.

People look for that picture-perfect Hallmark movie type of marriage. I’m here to tell you I’ve never seen a marriage that has worked out to be like a Hallmark movie except maybe mine. Just kidding!

Behind the Scenes

What we don’t see is the work and the effort that is put into marriage that makes it absolutely amazing. No one sees the behind scenes and the smaller acts that the spouses do for each other. Let me give you an example. Something fun I like to do with Britney is when we’re driving or going somewhere I like to tease and say, “Pick a song and dedicate it to me” I’ll do the same to her, usually it’s a Celine Dion song.

This time, it was Britney’s turn so she picked a song called “Stand By You” by Rachel Platten. I have never really listened to it but I did this time. There’s nothing more empowering than knowing your spouse is there for you and will support you no matter what you’re going through. If you haven’t heard this song, I recommend looking it up.

It’s the Small Things

Marriage isn’t just one big event that happens but it’s small things that make the big events and marriage awesome. The small little acts we do for each other can feel small in the moment but, in reality, each drop in the bucket means a lot. Just like that song, it meant a lot and I tease and say even if we have to go through the worst, she will stand with me.

When you look at marriage through the world’s eyes, you’ll see nothing but misery, disappointment, liars, and cheaters. The world depicts marriage as something old-fashioned, something that isn’t worth your time. Why get married when you can just live together. Why would you share something that you’ve earned with someone else? Why even get married when you know that your marriage won’t last?

It’s sometimes said in the world that your first marriage is your trial marriage, then your second marriage and third one is/are the real marriage. Can you believe this crap? I am so tired of hearing the world shout this out everything we read in the media is a negative take on marriage in some degree. This is why I am here to shout back and say BULLCRAP!

The Reason We Blog About Marriage & Family

This is why we write about marriage and family. We want to speak up and shout back at the world and say, “Marriage does work!” My marriage is and can be happily ever after but it takes a lot of work and it takes two people coming together.

I believe in marriage and I believe in families. I believe that this world could be so much better if we focused more on families than looking to see how many friends we have on Facebook or how many followers we have on Twitter or Instagram. If we would focus more on the love between a husband and wife, the love among the family, we would understand that there’s more to life than just you.

This is why we write–to defend the family to show people and give people hope. There is so much joy in having a family, we just have to strive a little bit more each day to become a better father or mother, husband and wife. If you want that happily ever after in your marriage and your family, then start today. No one’s stopping you.

It may sound cliche but you are the master of your ship. You determine your destiny and each of us can achieve whatever we want as long as we set our mind to it. I believe that even though the world is shouting that marriage will never work, I’m here to say that I’ve never felt more joy than when a little voice says, “I love you” and really mean it. Times that by 4 and you feel like you can do anything in the world, because you have a family behind you who loves you no matter what you do, even if you fail.  

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