Christmas Check-In & Planner Giveaway!

Hey friends! How was your Christmas holiday? Hopefully you spent plenty of time with friends and family. Did you get anything fun?

It’s funny how when I look at my gifts, I realize I’m getting older because I wanted practical things. Max designed our table to attach to the island and it’s basically a big slab of granite held up by some thick wooden poles. It’s almost square and so when we’re sitting down to dinner, it can be a struggle to pass things to the person across.

So I got a beautiful brown turntable. And I’m excited about it!

And as I’ve been trying to eat better and lose weight, I’ve tried to keep fruits and veggies stocked up. I bought a bowl a few years ago, just a plastic one to hold the fruit on the table. The problem? Fruit stacked on top of fruit and would get squished. So Max gave me a 3-tiered fruit basket. And I’m loving it!

Max has been super excited to have C old enough to go ice skating and so he bought him a bunch of hockey gear. I have to admit it’s so cute because all of the pieces are so tiny! Why is it that little things are so darn cute? He bought me a pair of skates which will be nice. We can save on the rental fee and I don’t have to share the ones everyone uses. I’m not usually a germaphobe but feet in general cause all sorts of creepy-crawlies up my spine.

We got some other fun things but watching C go to town opening gifts was a lot of fun. Santa brought his blue bike, the one he kept asking for in his prayers every night for weeks. And since we got a lot of snow, he’s mastered flying around the kitchen on it!

As the new year approaches, I got together with a few friends and we are doing a giveaway to get you started on those new year goals and resolutions! It’s a fun 2017 planner with pens and stickers! Make sure to enter below to win it.


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