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Baby Gear Essentials l The Princess & Her Cowboys

Whether you’re having your first kid or already have a few, it’s always nice to get feedback from other moms about the baby products they like. I’ve been surprised how many new products have come out since Little Roper was born! So I’m sharing the things we like/love whether you’re having one baby or three (or more)!


Rock ‘N’ Play – This is my top of the list for so many reasons and I wish it had been around for my first son. Instead of buying a bassinet that is heavy to move, this is the perfect option! We were able to pack up all three and take them on a few trips, which helped to keep the triplets on their sleep schedule. It’s set at an incline as well so if you’re baby is a preemie, this helps with reflux. There are automatic options but we have the basic ones that vibrate and they worked well for us!


Diaper Bag – Another one of those things I should have bought the first time around. I’m convinced a diaper bag should be a backpack so you don’t have to worry about it smacking you with every step! This one is awesome because it has pockets to keep the bottles warm as well as plenty of pockets to stash all the stuff you need for baby! I know there are fancier options out there but this one was a decent price and Max doesn’t mind toting it around.



Boppy Nursing Pillow – Whether you’re planning to breastfeed or know you’ll be bottle-feeding, these pillows are so nice to prop up baby as you feed. We have one of these and 2 smaller ones, which helps me get through feedings and keep a binky in the baby that is either waiting to be fed or finished first.



Baby Bathtub – We don’t have a ton of space and while sticking the baby in the sink can work, this makes it easier to bathe, especially when I’m working fast to get all three babies washed. It folds up to a few inches thick and you can pull up the bottom to make a little incline, allowing the baby to half-sit up.


bottle-warmerBottle Warmer – So this is most beneficial to use if you have pumped breast milk or you mix up your formula beforehand. It comes with a chart of how much to warm up fresh or frozen milk and makes it easier than trying to warm it up in hot water. I just popped it in and got some other things ready while I waited.



Booster Seat – I’m all about being practical. We don’t have room for a high chair and these little booster seats can work until your little one is finally too big for it, which is about now for Little Roper. It has the secure straps for your little one and a tray that is easy to clean–two things a mom worries about.


Swing – This one is a little tricky. I bought a swing with Little Roper that went forward and back but he didn’t like it. We tried it again with the triplets and they preferred this side-to-side swing, which we borrowed from a cousin. I’ve heard a lot more babies like this motion but you’ll have to see with your baby. It’s also cheaper than the Mamaroo, but if you have a baby with colic, the Mamaroo is the way to go.


Playmat – As with any product, the prices can add up or just be expensive alone. You don’t need the most expensive one out there! These are nice because it’s something they can play with. Mr. Chill figured out how to knock some of the rings yesterday and it’s so fun to watch him focus on hitting them.



Bouncer – I didn’t think I would ever need one of these but I was so wrong! The benefit of these is that you can move them to where you are, like if you need to cook dinner, you can move the baby closer to you and get things done while the baby is entertained. I recommend the hanging toys as the babies can try and kick them or start to reach for them.


These next items are some that can be nice to have but you might want to save your money:


Diaper Genie – A friend gave me one of these for my first son and I actually got rid of it after. I would either forget to buy the replacement bags or would be too lazy to empty it. I actually bought it again with the triplets because we have triple the stinky diapers and it does a good job trapping the stink. The disadvantage is that I have to keep buy and empty the bags.


Sit Me Up – I bought these from another triplet mom and at first thought they were fun but I feel like it’s hard to get the kids in and out of it now and it’s supposed to go up until they weigh 25 pounds. It is definitely handy at getting things moving if they are constipated though!

Hopefully this helps you figure out what to put on your baby registry or what will be good for you



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