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Hey! We’re Max & Britney Mills and we’re so excited you’re here!

We just celebrated our 7th anniversary and while that may not seem like a lot, they are years filled with good times and hard times, with experiences that could have torn us apart but helped us grow closer together.

Going through infertility helped us learn a little patience as we waited for our son, C, and then 3 years and a miscarriage later, we welcomed our fraternal triplets, G (Boy), D (Boy), and M (Girl). It was difficult but we did it, together.

We’ve been through the ups and downs of self-employment. We love to travel and whether it is a weekend trip an hour away or a bigger trip we’ve had to plan and save for, we do it as a family as much as we can.

We don’t have degrees in counseling, psychology or chemistry, but we have experienced a lot and have witnessed marriage in many different stages.

We’re a guy and a gal working to keep our marriage strong through the craziness of raising a family. What we write about comes from the heart and we hope it inspires you to keep your marriage and family the strongest and most important relationships in your life.

We’re here to help you create a stronger marriage because when you and your spouse are working together, chances are your family will be stronger. So make sure to send us a message, an email, or anything that can help you build these relationships!

Some fun facts about us:

  • We went to the same high school but weren’t sweethearts. Britney played softball with Max’s older sister and was a senior when he was a sophomore. Gasp!
  • Max played hockey in high school and loves the Arizona Coyotes.
  • Britney became a fan of the Boston Red Sox when they won the World Series in 2004.
  • Max can tell you the year of a truck just by some of the random features (how the mirrors look?)
  • We both served missions for the LDS Church, Max in the Czech Republic and Britney in Northern Virginia.
  • We love to hike and as soon as we figure out how to carry 3 growing but still immobile babies, we will probably be out hiking again.

What we share:

Anything that has the potential to make your marriage and family stronger. It sounds redundant as that’s the name of our site but it’s true. Whether it’s how to communicate with your spouse, date night ideas, or through our 3-day Marriage Strong Challenge, we share things that we’ve tried in bringing us closer as husband and wife. We are also passionate about parenting and family so we will share parenting tips and any fun activities and travel we do.

More about Max:

Most of my life has been spent doing construction with my dad and those experiences have shown me how important our family relationships are. I played hockey, football and lacrosse in high school, served an LDS Mission to the Czech Republic and found the love of my life after going on at least 70 first dates.

You read that right. When I met my date, I had two options for what we would do. One was “roping the dummy”, which is a plastic steer head stuck into a bale of hay, and the other was a fun activity. If I knew the date wouldn’t go anywhere, we roped the dummy and got a chocolate milk. The ladies loved it and I got through a date on the cheap!

Don’t worry! On my first date with Britney, I took her four-wheeling up a canyon by our house. We hung out every day until we got engaged and then married a few months later.

I love being a father and although we lack sleep and sanity sometimes with three little ones, there’s nothing I want more than to hang out with them. We aren’t perfect by any means but want to share things we’ve learned along our marriage and parenting journey!

More about Britney:

I wear a lot of hats and although things can get a little crazy, I love it! I am a wife, mother, sister, friend, writer, and athlete. Growing up, I was a nerd, loving nothing more than to curl up with a good book. I also loved playing sports and spent many summer days on a softball field.

After playing at Boston College, then playing and traveling in Europe, I served an LDS Mission to Washington D.C. South. I left a piece of my heart in those three pieces and can’t wait to take our growing family to visit someday.

Although later than I had planned, I married Max when I was 25. We started trying for kids the year after and found it to be more difficult than we could have imagined. After 18 months, we were blessed with our fun, energetic son. It was after that I was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome, or PCOS. Finding this out made things a little easier to understand as we struggled to get our next child. After a miscarriage and several more months, we were shocked to find out we were going to add triplets to our family.

And so here we are, working to better our marriage and build our family one day at a time. Although this blog started out about crafts and DIY projects, my true passion is writing and uplifting those in similar circumstances as my own.

We hope to help you better your life and marriage through the things we share!

Build Strong Relationships Now!

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Strong Relationships, noun.

1. able to withstand great force or pressure.

Marriage & Family are the most important relationships we can have in this life. Join us as we work to strengthen each other and fight to help others do the same!

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