6 Inexpensive Mommy Time Activities

6 Inexpensive Mommy Time Activities l The Princess & Her Cowboys

Mom life comes with a rollercoaster of emotions. One minute you do everything you can not to scream at your kiddos because they got into the permanent marker. The next you want to smother them in hugs and kisses because they say, “I so sorry, Mom.” The downcast eyes and puckered, sad lip get me every time.

No matter who you are, there is going to be point where you need a bit of a break. Just an hour (or four) away from those kiddos you love so much.


Throw out the voices of guilt in your head and tell yourself you need a break to be a better mom. To be a better wife. To be a better woman.

You need that time away to remove yourself from the chaos, have time to reflect and realize you miss them. So talk to your spouse and schedule some time away. And if you need some activities that are cheap or free, I’ve got some ideas for you! Don’t make shopping the go to–try out some of these!

Go for a drive.

Sometimes, you just need to get out and drive around. Around here there are plenty of mountains with colorful fall leaves that can help you relax. Find a favorite spot and go hang out there. Take a book and read or just admire the evening sky.

Sing karaoke.

No, I’m not saying you have to head out to a club by yourself. Your car, your phone or some other electronic device is pretty handy wherever you want to go and it’s amazing how great you feel after you rock out to some good songs. Backstreet Boys, Taylor Swift, Celine Dion (if you’re Max 🙂 or whatever genre you’re into can make for a fun time, especially if you can belt it out without fear of being made fun of.

Use your library card.

If you’re a reader, take the opportunity to walk through the library solo. That way you will find a book you will actually finish because you read the summary of it. You can also find audio books and movies to keep for when you’re doing those mundane tasks around the house. Take your book and head to a park and dive right in. There’s nothing better than getting lost in another world or character.

Get some dinner.

Whether you can head out with other moms or just get something simple, having a meal without having to cook, clean or constantly get up and down to grab things for your family can feel like therapy. Your spouse is another great partner for this and that’s why date nights are so important.

Work out.

Find a class you can go to work out. Some gyms will let you take a class for a fee (sometimes only $5). Zumba, spinning, kickboxing, or whatever you’re into. Nothing like a little sweat to make you feel good! Go for a run or train for a race.

Try something new.

Maybe getting out of your comfort zone isn’t the thing you want to try when you have some time away from the family. But there’s nothing more exhilarating than trying something hard or different and totally rocking it! You might even find a new hobby or friend. Take a class from your local community, whether it’s art, a language or even a technical skill, take the chance!

What things do you do when you have time away from the kids?



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