24 Stories of Christmas

As a kid, reading Christmas stories was one of my favorite traditions. We would cozy up by the tree and light a candle with red wax stars on them. My mom would read the stories of Christmas and we would hang out until we had burned down past a star.

The stories were happy and sad, inspiring me to make the most of the holiday season. Sub for Santa and giving to a food pantry, maybe shoveling someone’s walk may not be a huge accomplishment but every little bit helps. We never know how that action might affect someone else because no act goes unnoticed.

Losing the stories

Two years ago, I posted a bunch of stories that I love to help others start the same tradition of reading stories. Well, things happened and all of our posts were deleted. I didn’t think much of it until I received an email from a kind lady asking if I had the stories.

As luck would have it, they were no longer on my drive. But loving them as much as I do, I decided to compile them once more. Instead of posting one each day, you can download them all at once so you can get started reading this week.

So print them out, put them in a book and start a tradition of your own with your family. It might be one of their favorites too, years later.

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