50 Date Night Ideas For Couples

50 Date Night Ideas l The Princess & Her Cowboys
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When was the last time you had a date night? Do you end up doing the same thing over and over? Sometimes we get stuck in a rut and just need a little nudge in a different direction to have fun with your spouse. So we have 50 date night ideas to get you started!

Play at the playground

There’s a reason why kids love to be at the playground. Swinging and sliding are still fun as adults and it’s a good way to get moving.

Cuddle and binge watch a TV series

With all of the great streaming options these days, you can start a series and end up watching it for hours. It’s fun to talk about different plot points and it might bring up thoughts you want to discuss. Netflix, Hulu or even something through Chromecast or FireTV is perfect.

Go shopping together

Head to the grocery store or check out some stores you’ve never been in.

Go ice skating

Grab some hot chocolate and take advantage of holding hands.

Play a sport

Whether you kick a ball around or you find a place where you can play, it’s fun to get moving. There might be local groups that play for free so make sure to check around your neighborhood.

Serve at a local shelter

It doesn’t have to be anything major but a little bit of service can bring you closer together as you see each other serving others.

Go to dinner at a new restaurant

Instead of going to the same old place, find a new restaurant that serves a different kind of food than you’re used to. You might just find that you like it!

Bake cookies and deliver them to someone

Flirt a little while you mix them up and have fun dropping them off to someone not expecting it.

Go on a scavenger hunt

Whether it’s a certain prize at the end or just a chance to take selfies next to a bunch of fun things around town, you’ll definitely have fun along the way.

Turn off the TV and just talk

Sometimes a few questions can turn into hours of conversation and you never know what you’ll find out. But turn off the TV so you can focus on your spouse and enjoy the time sharing.

Go on a hike/walk

Discover some beautiful sites or just enjoy where you live. This can help you relax and notice some of the things you don’t normally see.

Bike ride

Another way to see the sites and challenge each other.

Attend a local play/musical

Check out a local high school production or a professional company.

Go to a free concert in your town

Maybe you’ll hear the next big act or just find a new song or two that you like. Either way, it’s fun together!

A friendly triathlon

Come up with three “events” that you like. They don’t have to be like a real triathlon but could be an eating contest, drawing or some other fun activity. Use at least one event from each of you and have fun competing.

Learn to dance/go dancing

Sign up for a dance class to learn some new moves or head out to have some fun dancing at a club.


Whether you go for a run or take a zumba class together, it’s fun to burn some calories. Plus, you might just have a good laugh at your new moves.

Find an activity to do on Groupon and do it

There’s always something fun in your area from Groupon and you can find it at a reduced price. The perfect chance to try something new.

Go to the library or the bookstore

Pick out a book for each other to read or find one you want to read about together.

Go to a drive-in movie

Pack some snacks and blankets and cuddle up for a fun night together.

Cook a meal together

If your spouse doesn’t cook, this is the perfect time to teach and you can chat at the same time.

Try cooking a new dish

Check out Pinterest for some ideas of foods you’ve always wanted to try and give it a whirl.

Go somewhere in your town you’ve always wanted to explore

No matter how long you’ve lived somewhere, there is bound to be some part of it that you’re not familiar with. Take that adventure together!

Walk around a museum

Whether it’s art or different artifacts, it’s fun to put yourselves in those times or to talk about the meanings of the portraits.

Create a couple’s bucket list

Come up with some things you would like to do together throughout your life. Traveling, scuba diving, bungee jumping. The options are limitless.

Do something on your bucket list

Make a plan to get started on your bucket list and carry it out.

Plan a picnic

You can picnic anytime, just go indoors when it’s bad weather and enjoy a fun meal together.

Play board games

Pick out a board game or buy one if you don’t have any yet and play it a few times.

Get a massage or massage each other

Head to a spa or just spend the night at home. The perfect chance to relax.


Look up a few constellations and search for them in the night sky.

Dress up for dinner

Pull out some of your more formal attire or whatever you have that is nicer than what you’d normally wear and head to a restaurant. You can even go fast-food for fun.

$20 meal

Head to the store and buy whatever you want and call that dinner. Maybe it’s a childhood dream of only eating goodies for a meal. There’s no one monitoring it for you 🙂

$20 Gift

See who can come up with the best gift idea for $20. Give them to each other or surprise someone with them.

Go to a local sporting event

From Little League to professional, high school and college, there is probably something going on around you. Dress up in your team’s gear and make sure to cheer them on, loud and proud.

Mini golf

Get your putt-putt on and have some fun along the way.

Amusement park

Spend the day at a local amusement park. Try each other’s favorite rides and treats.

Recreate your first date

If this isn’t your first date, do your best to recreate your first one together. It will bring back some fun memories.

Go for a drive

Drive to a waterfall or canyon that you’ve located or just drive and see where you end up.

Go bowling

Try out your best bowling moves and use the bumpers if you have to!

Play video games

Stock up on some snacks and play games together on a gaming device. It’s more fun to play together than on your separate phones.

Explore farmer’s market

Pick up some great produce for your cooking date night or just find something you’ve never tried and give it a taste test.

Window Shop

Imagine you have an unlimited budget and search for what you would get for a certain occasion.

Find a festival and check it out

Maybe it’s a county fair or a renaissance festival but dive in and enjoy the different activities and fun.

Head to a comedy club

Laughter is the best medicine and it’s always fun to quote the great jokes for weeks after.

Test drive your dream car

Find a dealership that carries your favorite car and go for a test drive.

Try all the samples at a local store

Find a store that gives out samples (think Costco, Sam’s club) and try them all. You might find you like something you didn’t expect.

Ice cream date

Get your favorite ice cream with all the toppings and swap.

Build an indoor fort

Grab the pillows and blankets and get to building! You’ll feel like a little kid and you can even watch a show from it.

Watch fireworks

Grab a blanket and lay back to watch. Point out your favorites.

Nerf gun or water balloon fight

Pretty self-explanatory but have fun hiding and surprising your spouse.

Does that help you get started with ideas? We hope it does and we can’t wait to hear how your dates go!



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