• Mother's Day Date & Gift Ideas | Marriage & Family Strong | mother's day special | mother's day celebration | cool mother's day ideas | great ideas for mother's day | motherhood

    Mother’s Day Date & Gift Ideas

    Mother's day is coming soon and sometimes it's hard to think of what to get the great moms in your life but what's better than a Mother's Day Date?You've probably given gifts that have been very useful and ones that have sat on her shelf for a number of years. One way to avoid the clutter and to make your mom happy is to plan some quality time with her. That's why we've got some great ideas to

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  • Husbands: Do You Have A Nagging Wife? Here's Why | Marriage & Family Strong | marriage relationship | husband and wife | communication | marriage tips

    Husbands: Do You Have A Nagging Wife? Here’s Why

    Do you have a nagging wife or a wife always complaining about things around the home?  Is it usually to pick up this or that or help her finish some projects?Chances are, you're doing your thing, trying to fulfill your duties as a husband and father and take care of your family. You feel you work hard, networking with people, making deals or working hours out in the elements. You're tired and

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  • Multiples Birth Program Discounts & Freebies | triplets & twins | mom of multiples | saving money | baby tips | baby gear

    Multiple Birth Program Discounts & Freebies

    Having multiple babies at once can send people through different emotional states, much like a rollercoaster. You're super excited, or nervous, or scared to death at first. Then the reality sets in and you start doing the math on the number of diapers you'll go through and that you'll be needing three of everything from here on out. You know the best part? There are companies that give freebies fo

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  • You're A Mama Cow & Why That's A Compliment | Marriage & Family Strong | how to be a good mom | maternal instinct | parental involvement | love of a parent

    You’re a Mama Cow & Why That Is A Compliment

    In talking to my brother-in-law, Mike, who is a vet, he brought up an interesting theory connecting cows and how to be a good mom. We tend to think of cows as a bad thing when compared to humans. He eats like a cow, she looks like a cow, meaning they are bigger or eat more than they should.Are you curious about the connection? We'll let him explain it. Find the Maternal Instinct On cattle ra

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  • Parenting: Finding the Balance Between Enforcer & Friend | Marriage & Family Strong | parenting tips | child behavior | discipline | friendship

    Parenting: Finding the Balance of Enforcer & Friend

    Parenting is one of the most taxing and rewarding things we can do. There are plenty that will disagree with me and that's okay. We can be so overwhelmed with trying to take care of these humans that we forget that life is supposed to be fun. But the relationship gets tricky when we lean too far to either side of strictness and fun, what we can call the parent/friend line.So what do I mean by

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