• How to Decide How to Feed Your Newborn l Marriage & Family Strong l breastfeeding l formula feeding l pregnancy l postpartum

    How to Decide How to Feed Your Newborn

    "You're having triplets? Are you going to try and breastfeed?"I got that question quite a bit before the babies came. Many asked me when I was pregnant with C how I would feed. There are so many pros and cons for breastfeeding and formula feeding that it can be a tough decision to make for any new mom.I remember the crazy lactation nurse from C's delivery and how she was rough, getting mad

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  • HIs/Hers: Make Marriage Better Than Dating l Marriage & Family Strong l relationships l couple questions l date night

    His & Hers: Make Marriage Better Than Dating

    We've been trying to figure out the right topic and the right way to go about it for this His & Hers post. There are plenty of topics we can discuss about marriage and family but for some reason, this one had us stuck.It would be easy to think, "Why does he not give me little surprises anymore?" (which I've done a few times...). "Why doesn't he do XY or Z anymore?"Let's be honest, life

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  • 15 Parenting Books to Stop Yelling At Your Kids l Marriage & Family Strong l how to stop yelling l stop yelling mom l

    15 Parenting Books to Stop Yelling At Your Kids

    This post contains affiliate links. This parenting thing is hard. Sometimes harder than I ever thought it would be. And when the kids can start talking and telling you how mad they are, yikes! We have entered the stage of imitation with C. It's cute and funny sometimes and then there are times when I have to remind him I'm the mom. Just to give you an example, I was putting one of the boys on th

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  • How to Lose Your Spouse's Trust in Your Relationship l Marriage & Family Strong l trust in relationships l trust issues l betrayed trust l rebuilding trust l trust marriage

    How to Lose Your Spouse’s Trust in Your Relationship

    Trust in your relationship is something we encounter daily as we move together. Our decisions impact more than just ourselves, especially in a marriage and whether those choices are self-serving or with charity depends on us.In a speech given by John Gottman, a well-known couple researcher, he described how he wanted to finish a mystery novel one night when he saw his wife was sad. He said th

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  • Becoming A Selfie Mom l Marriage & Family Strong l selfie ideas l selfie l motherhood l parenting l creating memories

    Why I’m Becoming a Selfie Mom

    Isn't crazy how the word selfie only became a word less than 5 years ago? There are so many connotations that go along with the word, usually bad as people constantly post pics of themselves in provocative poses or just one after another. So why would I want to be a selfie mom? As a kid, I tried to avoid the camera. I felt awkward taking pictures and didn't feel comfortable in large groups, usua

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