• The Part of Motherhood We Should All Hate

    Hate is a strong word and is used in just about every situation out there. Being a mother is something that has so many emotions. First you're happy. Then you're sad. You could probably sleep for days. Sometimes you're done with the day by 10 a.m., sick of the screaming or picking up the same toy over and over again. "If I have to change one more poopy diaper today, I think I'll go crazy!

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  • Qualities You Need For Healthy Relationships | Marriage & Family Strong | marriage tips | husband advice | love

    Qualities You Need for Healthy Relationships

    Healthy relationships are important for many times in our life but the relationship we need to nurture and help the most is in our marriage. As I was reading through some of the threads in a Facebook group a while back, I found a questions that I thought was quite interesting. Those are the ones I save to read later or end up getting sucked into all of the responses. The question was basical

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  • How to Be An Awesome Youth Sports Parent | Marriage & Family Strong | life lessons | kids sports | parenting tips for sports

    How to Be An Awesome Youth Sports Parent

    It's getting warm again and you're probably gearing up for a summer of vacation and youth sports. Whether you have kids who are on the travel ball clubs or enjoy the recreation league, your role as the parent is the same. Why Put Your Kids in Youth Sports? Why not? Even if your child isn't the most athletic, it's a great way for them to get some exercise, learn how to work as a team (unless it's

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  • Supporting Our Kids in Their Passions | Marriage & Family Strong | child development | parenting tips | parental support | kids activities

    Supporting Your Kids in Their Passions

    There are so many stages of child development and one that we often overlook are the simple hobbies and activities our children take interest in. Of course, we want to steer them into the things we love because, well, we hope they will love it just as much. There's nothing better than knowing your son or daughter takes an interest in something you do or have done. You can't tell me you wouldn't

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  • Be Bold, Be Brave, Be You | Marriage & Family Strong | inspirational quotes | bold life | taking risks

    Be Bold, Be Brave, Be You

    Be Bold. It sounds like a resounding statement. The first things that flash through your mind are probably people standing up for themselves or doing daring acts to prove a point. Sometimes a definition helps to visualize a word more and in thinking how best to write this post, I thought a lot about it. bold bōld/ adjective 1. (of a person, action, or idea) showing

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